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We are not just your regular Cash For Cars service providers. Our wide range of services has been impressing customers and has helped us establish a trustworthy reputation over the years. There are a lot of car wreckers in Newcastle, NSW today but what really makes us stand out from the rest is our reliable set of services.

We commenced our services back in the early 2000s when selling an old car required hectic procedures and methods like newspaper ads, posters, pamphlets, and so on.

Since car sellers were looking for easier options, we bloomed quickly. But that didn’t make us stop.

Since then we have physically expanded to Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, and Wollongong and we help thousands of sellers every month. 

Here is a quick overview of all of our services that you would hardly receive from any other car wrecker in Newcastle or Sydney:

free car valuation

Free Car Valuation

Under this service, we help you get a free online car valuation for your old car in a hassle-free manner. On our website’s homepage, you will find a “Get a Free Quote” button. Once you click that button, you will see a form. Fill all the asked details and on the message box, you will have to type in your message providing unambiguous details of your car like specific dents, damages, deformities and even scratches. Within a few hours of submitting the form, our representative will contact you and provide you with roughly estimated value.

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sell my car for cash now

Sell My Car for Cash Now

What makes us do reliable is our simple, quick, hassle-free, and transparent way of doing things. Trust us, selling an old car cannot get any easier than with us. All you have to do is fill up an online form and receive a quote within a few hours, if not minutes. If you accept our initial offer, we send an expert for manual inspection. This way we can know the true worth of your car. Within a few days, you will see the back of your old car and also receive a handful of cash. As simple as that.

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Free Car Removal

Free Car Removal

As the name suggests, the service focuses on removing your cars from your parking space, garage or backyard for free. Having a useless car in your backyard not just takes up space but also make the place look messy and untidy. With time, it starts collecting dust and rust, which further aggravates the beauty of your place and the car. So to make space for a new car, you can get your old car removed. The fact that you don’t have to pay a penny for it makes things even better.

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cash for cars sydney

Cash for Cars Sydney

We don’t get finicky when it comes to buying cars. You can contact us to sell any kind of cars and we accept it wholeheartedly. Whatever be the brand, age, model, and condition of the car, we won’t knock you back. We provide a good amount of cash for scrap cars, junk cars, old cars, unwanted cars, and accidental cars without giving it a second thought. We accept SUVs, sedans, 4WDS, trucks and other type of vehicles too.

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car recycling sydney

Car Recycling

When end-of-life vehicles enter our facility, there is no other option to pursue than recycling. Auto recycling can be understood as the process of dismantling the vehicles for spare parts and scrap metals at the end of its useful life. All the individual parts obtained after the dismantlement of the vehicle are processed to form or construct another useful product. Car recycling has countless environmental benefits as it promotes the reuse of metal parts and reduces the manufacturing possess.

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auto wreckers newcastle

Auto Wreckers Newcastle

Under this service, we take your old, useless, damaged, unwanted, junk, and scrap vehicles and pay a lavish amount in return. Even for the damaged, accidental and destroyed cars, the amount we pay has always been better and bigger than what our competitors offer. Depending upon the condition of the car, we pay up to $9999. Moreover, we pay the full amount on the spot so you can be totally relieved.

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