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What is Car or Auto Recycling?

Auto recycling can be understood as the process of dismantling the vehicles for spare parts at the end of their useful life. All the individual parts obtained after the dismantlement of the vehicle are processed to form or construct another useful product.

After the end of their useful life, automobiles are often dumped in the scrap yards. In the scrap yards, vehicles start to collect rust and dust, which intensifies its ugliness. It also takes a lot of space and is not in a fruitful manner. Moreover, rusting cars introduce blight in the old-school junkyard, which adversely affects the environment and the ecosystem.

When your car is new, it looks fresh, shiny, and full of life. But its charms start fading away over time. The shine wears off and the parts start to wear out. This kind of aging process of the car continues to happen until the car reaches the end of its life. At that time, no amount of repair work can extend its time on the road. Such end of life vehicles can cause accidents when it’s on the road. So giving your car away to the auto recyclers for car recycling is the way to go. In doing so, there will be less chance of having your car break down in the middle of the road and causing a problem. It also helps to reduce accident rates and makes all of us safer.

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What is Car Recycling

What are the advantages of car recycling?

Production of the uncontrollable amount of greenhouse gases, global warming, and melting of the snow in the Antarctic has created an alarming condition. The fate of the earth looks like it is in jeopardy. If things start getting more adverse, the extinction of the human species with several others is quite inevitable. Recycling is one of the eco-friendly approaches to saving the environment. And here are some of its major advantages from the environmental and economic points of view.

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Environmental Benefits:

Here are some of the major environmental benefits of car recycling:

  • It extends the timeline for when finite sources of raw materials will run out.
  • It helps to eliminate the blight of old-school junkyards caused by the rusting of old cars.
  • Preserves the beauty of the place as the junk and scrap cars are brought to recycling chambers for processing. It also prevents the creation of ugly sources of standing water, which gives rise to an increased number of mosquitos and diseases.
  • Since recycled materials can be used for the production of new cars, the amount of new raw materials required for auto production is reduced. It helps to lower energy demand and the cost of production. A study has shown that energy usage decreases by 74% upon the use of recycled materials.
  • By recycling automotive metals, the production of greenhouse gases can be reduced to a great extent.
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Car Recycling Benefits

Economic and Financial Benefits:

There are tons of economic and financial benefits associated with vehicle recycling. And some of them are discussed here.

  • Even after the service life of the vehicle, car owners can claim some monetary value of their automobile upon sale.
  • The recycled materials are easy to employ during the new auto production. They also usually come cheaper than the new parts. So the use of recycled materials will reduce the production cost during manufacture.
  • Car owners can buy recycled auto spare parts at a cheaper price as compared to the new parts. So it helps to reduce the repair and maintenance cost.
  • Automotive recycling is growing as a separate business. And it’s creating job opportunities for a huge mass of people. It’s also assisting in an economic growth rate.
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How are cars recycled?: The auto recycling process in a nutshell

Car recyclers go through a series of steps all in an ordered fashion during the automotive recycling process. And the steps are explained in an ordered fashion as below:

  • It’s the first step in the recycling process. Under this process, the end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) so collected is taken to the treatment facility for the removal of hazardous materials. Upon removal of the perilous materials, the automobile is sent to be crushed and recycled.
  • Once the fluids are removed from the automobile, all the other usable parts are removed. Depending upon the condition of the auto parts, auto recyclers can directly sell them or send them for recycling. If the parts in the vehicle just have minor deformities or flaws, they fix them, clean and polish them and keep them for sale. This kind of auto part is always cheaper than genuine, OEM, and aftermarket auto parts. So buying these kinds of spare parts can be cost-saving on the consumer end as well.
  • Upon removal of fluids and aforementioned auto parts, all that’s left is metallic body structure, chassis, and inoperative mechanical parts. And most of these parts are comprised of steel and aluminum materials. The metallic parts are crushed and sent to a metal mill.
  • The crushed metal goes through magnetic separation, detinning (removal of a thin layer of tin on top of metallic parts), and melting process. Upon the completion of these processes, usable metal is obtained, which is poured into casters and rolled into new steel flat sheets. Even on repeating the process multiple times, the steel won’t lose any of its strength. So actually there are no such caveats of car recycling.
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How are cars recycled

Car Recycling with A1 Cash for Car

After knowing all the advantages of car recycling, you might’ve thought through about giving your vehicle to a car recycler at the end of its life. And while giving it away, you can consider A1 Cash for Car in Australia. We not just recycle the automobiles in an eco-friendly manner but also provide top dollar cash for your old unwanted vehicles.

In addition to that, you will get a free car valuation and free removal service, which further increases your savings. Adding to the niceties, there is a quick cash payment feature with which you will receive full payment instantly on the spot.

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Car Recycling Process

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Free Car Valuation

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Sell My Car for Cash Now

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Free Car Removal

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Get your car recycled in an eco-friendly way. Be a warrior in the “save the earth” campaign & also earn a handsome amount of cash.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Engine oil, oil filter, glass components, water pumps, tyres, batteries are the most widely recycled auto components. Others that cannot be recycled (Automotive Shredder Residue) are dumped into landfills.

It depends upon the condition of pare parts and scraps metal in your vehicle. With us, you can get paid up to $9999 even if it is a totalled vehicle. If we are able to recover more spare parts then surely your vehicle is worth more. If the vehicle’s metal components and recyclable waste weigh more than usual, you can expect a handsome sum in return.

Car recycling extends the timeline for when finite sources of raw materials will run out. It helps to eliminate the blight of old-school junkyards caused by the rusting of old cars. Since recycled materials can be used for the production of new cars, the amount of new raw materials required for auto production is reduced. It helps to lower energy demand and the cost of production. A study has shown that energy usage decreases by 74% upon the use of recycled materials.

We Buy Cars of Any Brand No Matter the Condition

When it comes to purchasing old vehicles, we don’t get finicky over its brand. We buy all Japanese, American and European brands of vehicles.

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