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How much is my car worth
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  • Nov 28, 2021

For people wondering “How much is my car worth?”- make it till the end of this post!

So your car has finally given up the ghost and isn’t fit for the road anymore. You are thinking about getting rid of it and making space in your garage for a new car. But wait – not so fast. Before even thinking about buying a new car, you have a hard mountain to climb regarding the disposal of your old car. There are so many options that you can pursue and get rid of your old car in no time. Choosing the right option can get you great deals and can make the purchase of a new car a lot easier, whereas a wrong choice can leave you with nothing but complex paperwork, headaches and remorse.

But before doing anything, it is important to know the worth of your old car. This can be tough for most people out there but don’t worry we are here to help. If you make it to the end of this section, you will know exactly what to expect from buyers and what factors determine the worth of your car.

“How Much Is My Car Worth”- These Factors Decide Your Car’s Worth!

When your car has finally reached its end and is not roadworthy anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your car is worth nothing. There are still valuable parts and metal scraps that are equally valuable as before. No matter how rusty or decrepit your car becomes, it can still make you some money. An old car can, in most cases, get you hundreds of dollars. These factors play the most vital role in ascertaining the worth of your car:


The three most fundamental factors that decide the value of your old car are the make/year/model. Even if it is an end-of-life vehicle, the year, make and model of a car plays a major role in deciding its value. The fact that a used car was built in a particular year makes a noticeable difference because car materials can vary a lot from year to year. A car built in the 80s, for instance, would have more metal density than those of today. Modern cars may have plastic that is more environmentally friendly. Old cars with a greater content of aluminium and steel are also worth more.

The other variables that are listed below are also affected by the year/make/model. Consider, for instance, a car that is fairly popular and whose production of components has been absolutely stopped by manufacturers. This would contribute to a greater demand for the spare parts your car may have, directly increasing the value of your old car.

Demand for Car Parts

Any component that can be recycled and reused is always in demand, such as a battery, oil pump, etc. The market value of those components is measured by how high the demand is. Demand and value are directly proportional, since the greater the demand, the greater the value.

Also, if regular repairs are required for other people with the same car as yours and parts are difficult to find, then the demand is strong. This implies that your car is worth more money. If the car has working tires, suspension components, lights and other external components, then prices are bound to increase. If such car components are not sold regularly, the value of the old car may go down. The demand for some components can vary according to location as well.


What the customer can do with it is decided by the condition of your car. You can get well paid if it is in good shape and can be repaired for a good profit. If it’s absolutely worthless and needs to be demolished, then you’ll be paid less. Your vehicle’s overall condition is determined by several variables. The working state of spare parts and the age of the metal decide how much you will get paid. If the metal is rusty and old, then you will obviously receive less cash.


A car consists of 70-80% metal like aluminium, steel, iron etc. Everything from the hood and seats to radiators and engine has some or all metal content. An average car contains about 1000kg of steel and 150kg of aluminium but SUVs and trucks can have a lot higher metal weight. One might consider these as small factors but metal recyclers value scrap metals like gold.

The rate of these specific metals can contribute to an old car’s worth. These rates keep on changing from year to year.


The cost of scrap metal and the popularity of particular vehicles vary from location to location, which can not be ignored. Location plays an important role in deciding the value of your old vehicle, much as in a real estate. The distance from your neighbourhood to the scrapyard or Cash For Car service provider may also add up to your transportation costs. So choosing scrap yards that are either in your neighbourhood or those that offer free towing service is important.

Get Your Used Car’s Instant Valuation – Use A1 Cash For Cars’ Free Online Tool

Knowing the current market price of an old car sounds practically impossible. Since you bought it many years ago and have driven thousands of miles, estimating can be hard unless you have an expert’s help. But experts in the car business can get demanding and might ask for extra charges. To eliminate this hectic traditional way, A1 Cash For Cars has introduced an easy-to-use method that helps you determine your old car’s worth. On our website’s homepage, you can see a form under the “GET a Free QUOTE“ section. All you have to do is enter the necessary details like your name, email, car’s postcode and other vehicle details. Our team of expert assessors will evaluate your provided data and come up with a price for your used car. Within an hour you will have the estimated price for your vehicle which can also be considered as our initial offer. As simple as that.

You are not in any way obliged to accept our offer. Our offer can help you know what to expect from a buyer if you want to deal with your car in another method of your choice. However, it is in your best interest to accept our offer because we can pay up to $9999 and provide a fast and hassle-free car removal service within a short span of just 24 hours.

With free car valuation ratings spanning a wide range of makes and models Australia-wide, our car price guides are here to assist you to answer that burning question, ‘How much is my car worth?’ It will provide you with a clear market value for a car you wish to buy or sell over a wide range of prices, allowing you to establish a suitable price for it.

With all that being said, never consider your old car as worthless even if it is an end-of-life vehicle. With cash for cars services like scrap cars, you can get great deals on a vehicle that you once considered an economic liability. For people living in NSW, Scrap Cars can be the one-stop solution for all your old-car problems.

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