Factors that affect Car Values

factors that affect car values

Explore the factors that affect car values. If you are looking to sell your car, you might be anxious to know the value you might be getting while selling it.

And it’s only obvious to be curious as there is no hard and fast rule to get to know the truth about your vehicle. When you visit various auto wreckers, they can value it at a different rate.

Based on the priorities of the cash for car services, the valuation scheme may differ. However, there are mostly the same factors that affect car values.

Here, we will be discussing all the important factors that affect car values. After knowing the factors, you can give special attention to it and get the best cash for old cars.

About the Factors that Affect Car Values

The resale value of the old car is very sensitive. A minor change in the state of the vehicle can raise or lower the price of the vehicle at a dramatic rate.

So before selling your old car, you need to keep an eye on these factors that affect car values.

The appearance of your vehicle

The way your vehicle looks will have a great influence on its price. All car buyers first take a look at the interior and exterior appearance of the car before paying the price for it.

And it’s quite clear that a car with fewer dents, scratches, rust, and other physical damage gets a better price.

Similarly, if the interiors are clean, upholstery, tires, and electrical/electronic components are well-maintained, the value of the car can get high.

So if have a car that you take to the service centers regularly, you can get a handsome amount for it.


Mileage directly reflects how much your car has been used. More mileage means the car has endured greater wear and tear.

One can assume the remaining life of the vehicle just by looking at its mileage. So as a rule of thumb, a car with lower mileage gets a big stack of cash.

Brand and model

The brand of the vehicle and the popularity of the model are other of the most influencing factors that affect car values while making the sale. If the car brand is popular in the territory and if the model has a high sales record, you can expect the car value to be high.

This is because more vehicles on the road means a better service network. So if you own the best-selling Toyota car, there are higher chances that you will get more value than less-renowned cars with similar conditions.

Also, spare parts for the car with a good sales record are easy to find in the market. If the parts are easily available, the car buyer can extend its service life with timely repair and maintenance.

It will be another reason to give you better value for your car.


Along with time, the popularity of the model decreases. The service life of the model also decreases and finding auto parts for the vehicle starts getting difficult to find. The more obsolete it gets in the market; you will get lesser the resale value.

So if the car company stops manufacturing the model and its spare parts start getting rare, you start thinking about scrapping your vehicle rather than selling it.

But with the vintage cars, it’s a different story.

Ownership History

The value of the car also depends on the number of times it has been resold. If it’s your first resale then your car will be worth more. If the ownership has changed multiple times, the same cannot be said.

Similarly, if the vehicle belongs to an office or organization, it will usually have a lower value. In a company, there could be several employees or chauffeurs, who could have ridden the vehicle.

And the buyers do not prefer that while procuring a vehicle.


If your automobile is running and still roadworthy, it may have many parts that can be used for other vehicles. Car removalists can make money by selling auto parts alongside their scrapping business.

So they usually come up with good offers for such cars. But if the car is no longer functioning, the car will be valued taking note of the price of the scrap metals. And that value is usually low.

So if your car is no longer operable, you can sell it to scrappers for its scrap metal value. You may not get the best value but you will get something.

Available parts

As mentioned earlier, car removalists pay closer attention to the parts of the vehicle and operability. So if the part inside your vehicle is still intact, it will earn you more money.

If the parts are no longer useful, your vehicle will be worth the value of scrap metal.


Auto wreckers dismantle your vehicle, sell the parts if they are usable, and sell the remaining metal parts to the car scrapper company. The weight of the scrap metals plays an important role in this.

The higher the weight of the vehicle, the higher will be the payment. So most car removal services value your old car because of its weight and therefore its scrap metal value.

That’s all about the key factors that affect car values.

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