5 Reasons Why Car Scrapping Is Better Than Selling

Car Scrapping

There are a few choices open to you when it comes to car scrapping. The majority of them fall into one of two categories: either car scrapping or selling.

Both can be viable options, but it’s important to understand the specifics of each strategy so you can figure out which one is right for you.

While selling privately gives you more freedom, we think scrapping a vehicle is more convenient for today’s car owners who want the best offers without having to put in much effort.

Here are 5 reasons why we think car scrapping is much more beneficial than selling it on your own:

Private selling demands more time

Selling rather than car scrapping can be very profitable, but you must be prepared to put in the time and effort. You’ll need to do some research online for car scrapping to see what the going rate is for your car as a first move.

And if it’s not as much as you anticipated, it’s probably better to consider it before it gets too late. Also, keep in mind that most people would try to bargain with you.

In reality, private sales are one of the few opportunities in life where people get to practice their haggling skills at all, so you might find yourself haggling with car buyers more often.

Also, your customers can be actively attempting to lower the price, which can be exhausting if you don’t have persistence.

Sometimes you might even have to raise the asking price a little, just to get closer to your desired amount when they try to talk you down.

Remember to have the vehicle inspected from the buyer’s view. Even if the price is reduced, no one will want anything that is filthy or has parts that do not function properly.

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and probably invest some money in replacing some components. Selling your car privately can surprisingly be more costly than profitable.

Car Scrapping is very convenient if you have a tight schedule

Car scrapping your car, as compared to selling, is a relatively fast, convenient, and simple process – particularly with A1 Cash For Car, as our entire business model is based on making things as simple as possible for you.

True, you won’t get as much money upfront as you would with a private sale, but you’ll save time and money by not having to spend hours photographing and advertising your vehicle, as well as arranging viewings and test drives with prospective buyers.

Car scrapping often saves you money on parts and cleaning that would be needed to get it up to the standards required by many buyers. It’s possible that the net profit from scrapping your car would be similar to the profit from selling it!

If you’re skilled enough to have removed or recycled any pieces from the car for your use, the car could almost definitely be scrapped unless you want to repair it.

As anything less than a full vehicle is normally not roadworthy and therefore unsuitable for private sale.

Selling makes you more vulnerable to scams and fraud

Yes, meeting new strangers as customers every day isn’t easy for everyone. Most of the time, you end up inviting armed robbers to your garage putting your and your loved ones’ lives in jeopardy.

Not only that, private selling makes you vulnerable to payment frauds and scams happening all the time. While the primary form of payment in car scrapping is cold hard cash, private buyers only tend to deal in cheques.

Sometimes even with a certified cashier’s cheque, there is no assurance that you are safe from fraud. You may also receive a bounced private check or one that is fake. In this case, there isn’t anything you can do.

It’s embarrassing and demoralizing to be a victim of these types of scams. If you are selling through online marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree, you are highly exposed to risks like disclosure of private information, data breaches, etc.

Selling requires unnecessary haggling, bargaining, and advertising efforts

When you sell privately, you meet with numerous buyers and most of them won’t agree to the asking price, that’s for sure. As buyers, they have the complete right to do so. So they’ll try their best to bring down the price by as much as possible.

Also, you have to spend time clicking flawless pictures and posting ads on various platforms which is a headache because you’ll generate a smidgen of money.

Some online platforms like Facebook even demand money to bring out your post to a specific number of potential buyers. Too much effort just to get rid of an old car, isn’t it?

Also, when you sell the car privately, you run the risk of the customer returning and saying there is a problem with the vehicle and demanding their money back.

You risk ending up in court dealing with a complaint from an irate customer if you failed to warn the buyer of any serious problems with the car, either accidentally (or intentionally).

Most Scrap Yards provide free scrap car removal and valuation services too

Car removal service charges have skyrocketed throughout the years and today you might have to pay hundreds of dollars even for a 10-mile pickup.

Since most private buyers out there won’t provide removal services, you have no option other than to hire a car removal firm. This way you end up paying a huge chunk of your net profit to these removal firms.

Also, to get your vehicle assessed, a local mechanic or a vehicle expert may charge you heftily. But with Cash For Cars service providers like A1 Cash For Cars, you can avoid all this hassle.

Free car removal, free online valuation, free vehicle disposal, and eco-friendly recycling of end-of-life vehicles are a few of the many services that we offer.

A free car removal service allows you to save hundreds of dollars which almost levels the overall profit from car scrapping and selling it.