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About Scrap Car Removal

Cash for cars service has been a mainstream service these days. And since you have easy access to the phone and internet, you can contact the service provider in a hassle-free manner and sell your vehicle in no time. In order to sell a car, you’d have to place an ad in a local newspaper and wait for the buyer to contact you and know about us. But things were not the same in the early 2000s.  There used to be an option to directly contact the local buyers. However, the stingy buyers never used to pay a worthy price. In simple, it was a dark time for the car owners, who had to sell their vehicles. And in that time, we started rendering Cash For Scrap Cars Newcastle service paying top dollar for all kinds of vehicles.

We started our business in Newcastle in the early 2000s. Since it was a lucrative service for car owners, our service became an instant hit. And as people’s earning started growing and cars started getting cheaper, people were more into our service. Demand started increasing and so we expanded. Currently, we are providing our services in Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, and Wollongong areas and buying thousands of cars every month.

We have been in the business for more than a decade now. And in this time, there are plentiful auto wreckers providing services similar to ours. But in the competition, we always stood out from the rest. And here are the reasons about us why:

About us

We Ain’t Picky

You might be in a dire need of money and selling cars just to make money. Or you might have considered selling your old car just to make space in the garage for a new one. Either way, earning money out of it is important. And for that, you can rely on us.

While buying automobiles from you, we are not choosy about it. Whatever be the brand, age, make, model, or condition, we buy cars in Newcastle and Sydney without being finicky.

Be it an old, rusty, scrappy, junky, damaged, or accidental car, we accept it without asking any questions. But that’s not all. Not just cars, we accept other automobiles as well. Even if you have a Jeep, Van, SUV, 4×4, or Truck, we take them without any discrimination.

While buying the vehicles, we also pay a noteworthy amount of cash. And oftentimes, the amount has been higher than what our competitors pay. So you have a good chance of making top dollar cash while working with us.

Cash for Toyota Cars

We Make Things Easy

Selling a vehicle can be a hassle for some businesses. There are a series of meticulous steps to follow while trading your automobile for cash. And each of these steps can be equally cumbersome. But A1 Cash for Car ensures to handle the business in a simple, quick, and hassle-free manner.

When you know about us then contact us to sell your vehicle, we ask for the details of the car so as to perform a rough estimation about its worth. To know the true value of your car, we need to take note of every detail of the automobile. And it requires on-site inspection. So for car valuation, we reach out to your address upon scheduling a time, which is convenient for you. And no need to worry, the car valuation process is entirely free.

After the valuation process, once an agreement is reached, we pay the full amount of cash instantly on the spot. So you won’t have to keep waiting for the money. Even after that, we take away the vehicle for free. You won’t be imposed with the towing charges.

free car valuation

We Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Our service has always been customer-oriented. And providing the best of our services to satisfy the customers is what we are good at. We work around the clock to ease things for you. You can schedule a time and date that’s convenient. If you need our service now or weeks later, you can schedule the time and we will come to pick up your vehicle as promised.

While evaluating the worth of your car, we ensure you get the best value for your car. Since buying a car is a big investment, we believe, you need to get some of the fruit of it upon sale. And that’s the reason why the value we propose is way more than other auto wreckers in the same territory.

Furthermore, while taking away your car, we don’t care if it’s the driveway or rotting in the backyard, we take it away and lighten your burden. So you can always feel relieved while working with us and know more about us.