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There is no hard and fast rule regarding when you should sell your car. It’s actually up to car owners. When the car owners start to realize they longer want the vehicle, they can consider selling. It can be relatively new or a total scrap, it’s totally up to them. The major problem, however, is only the new and fresh vehicles receive a good sum of money during the sale. Many Blacktown car dealers getaway by providing thrifty prices to the old, used, damaged, crashed, wrecked, junk, and scrap cars. So you may wonder, where do I have to sell my car in Blacktown. And the answer is simple – A1 Car for Car. We provide top cash for cars in Blacktown irrespective of its type and condition. With us, you can earn up to $9999 for your vehicle and that too on the spot.

The Most Reliable Blacktown Car Dealers

Amidst the myriads of car dealers in Blacktown NSW, A1 Cash for Car is one of the most reliable ones. That’s because we offer a simple, quick, and hassle-free solution if you have any used cars for sale.

If the parts on your car are worn out, it can be replaced with new or even top-quality used car parts. But if the car ran into an accident or faced severe damages, selling it proves to be a better option than repairing it. But providing a worthy price for such damaged and wrecked vehicles is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many junk car buyers in Blacktown are tightfisted when it comes to providing a good price for old, used, and damaged vehicles.

But we have a different way of evaluating such automobiles. Even for such vehicles, we generously pay the price. No what how the vehicle is, we do not hesitate to accept them in our scrap yard or pay them a good price. So no wonder why people call us the best place to sell junk cars in Blacktown NSW.

So if you have an old, used, unwanted, damaged, accidental, wrecked, crashed, broken, junk, or scrap car of the following brands, you can bring them to us for the sale. We will wholeheartedly accept it in our junkyard.

  • Japanese Cars: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Isuzu, Daihatsu
  • European Cars: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
  • American Cars: Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Tesla, Holden

Top Cash for Cars Blacktown NSW: Get Instant Cash up to $9999

We do accept all kinds of vehicles in our scrap yard. But we are not limited to that. We also pay a good price for them. When it comes to paying a worthy price, our service comes second to nonetheless. We offer top cash for cars in Blacktown NSW beating all competitors to the ground. With us, you can get up to $9999 cash for your scrap cars. So needless to mention, our service is quite lucrative.

On top of paying a generous amount of money, we also make the payments instantly. Once we are done purchasing your vehicle, we make the payments right on the spot. We won’t leave you strapped for money. So whenever you feel like making easy and fast money, you always consider our service.

Blacktown Car Wreckers: Free Car Removal & Eco-friendly Recycling

To make our service more interesting, we have bundled our service with free car removal in Blacktown. Since we ensure free scrap car pick up and towing, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on getting the car removed from your place. And since we only employ proficient workers for the job, it will be carried out in a simple, quick, and hassle-free way.

Our car towing service will take away your vehicle and park it in our scrap yard. But we don’t let it turn into a landfill over there. We are the Blacktown car wreckers, which dismantle the vehicles and take the useless parts for recycling. In doing so, we follow the strict guidelines set by the Auto Recyclers Association of Australia (ARAA). So the car disposal process at our place will be carried out in an eco-friendly way. And our green recycling approach won’t release foul gases or toxic substances to the environment.

How to sell my car in Blacktown?

Selling a car can get cumbersome at times. But with A1 Cash for Car, you can sell it off in a simple, quick, and hassle-free way. Also, you can enjoy our instant cash and free car removal facility. Even after all this, if you have the question “how to sell my Car in Blacktown?” floating over your head, the following steps can help you through.

Step-1 Contact us and get free car valuation: To avoid any miscommunication and misinterpretation, we do the valuation of your car beforehand. The car valuation facility is free and you can access it by contacting us through a phone call, email, or via quote form on our website.

Step-2 Sell your unwanted car and get instant cash: If you are okay with the value we offer, we can proceed to the business. Once you agree upon the price, we’ll come to your place with our tow trucks. After inspecting the vehicle on the site, we pay for the vehicle and tow it away. We offer instant cash payment and swift removal of the vehicle. So it won’t take much of your time.

Step-3 Dismantling, disposing, and recycling: The vehicles we take away from you are dismantled. And based on the condition of the parts, it’s either sold for reuse (usable parts) or taken for recycling. The parts, which cannot be reused or recycled, are disposed of safely.

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So what are you looking for? Before your unwanted car start collecting rust and dust and have its value depreciated, contact us and get it sold right away. You can give us a call on 02 4962 2227 or email us on

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Prasunna Shrestha
Prasunna Shrestha
10:16 28 Aug 20
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Bivek Khatiwada
Bivek Khatiwada
05:29 28 Aug 20
Knowledgeable guys. They know what they are doing. They removed my car smoothly and towed it away with such... professionalism. They also paid me a good sum of money during the removal. I am a satisfied customer and I would highly recommend it to more
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